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Frequently Asked Questions

​You are curious about us or need more details about our services? Please check below. If you cannot find answers for your questions, please email us at


What does Amara do?

We do all kinds of online marketing services including Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO Optimisation, Commercial Blogging. If we are requested, we would love to help with Web Design, too!



H​ow much do your services cost?


It depends on the services suit for your business needs. We have amazingly affordable fixed price packages, too. Please email us at or call us at +959 252 003311 for more details.





I don't know which services should I take for my Product/Brand.


No worries! We provided non obligatory consultation. We would advise you what is required to improve the online presence of your brand or product according to your business nature. You will NOT need to pay for consultation.


What if your services do not fulfill my expectations?

We ​provide money-back guarantee for certain services that take time to see the result. With us, you would never waste your money or time.


How do we contact for media enquires? 

Please write us at

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