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We Failed Our First Client in Myanmar. Why and What Happened Next?

With one of the approaches we have mentioned earlier, we scored our first client pretty easily. But we failed them. Here we list down the reasons we think why such undesirable thing happened at the beginning of our journey as a digital agency in Myanmar.

We Charged Too Little

Too little to keep ourselves motivated. Back then in 2012, there was no digital agency in Myanmar and we kind of could not figure how much would be reasonable for both clients and us. When things got tedious and repetitive, we just did not enjoy serving anymore. We did not know clients would come in our ways as long as we keep doing what we need to do. So, we were too desperate to have one and promised to serve them with ridiculous service fees which led us to break our relationships apart.

We Did Not Communicate Well

We needed something from their end in order to execute some marketing activities online properly. We received such raw materials to be transformed into appealing digital stuff only for first few months. As there was almost no motivation, when they did not collaborate, we did not push them. This apparently ended up with lack of updates on the activities we were supposed to deliver. We Learnt Consumer Behaviours

Two years ago on Facebook, there was no option to choose "Myanmar (Burma)" as a country to target when you do Facebook ads. Since then, we learnt how to tweak it to be able to target people in Myanmar without proper feature. Plus, we found out what Myanmar Facebookers grabbed and what they trashed which was pretty handy for us to serve our next clients.

We Ascertained How to Make a Brand Likeable

We thought it would be a lot more difficult. It wasn't. You just need to know which button to press to hit right at the heart of consumers in Myanmar. Although our relationship with client broke up (not very harshly, we just mutually agreed not to continue without hard feeling), we did have chances to experiment what worked and what did not work with consumers in Myanmar which has been very useful for us up until now.

Are you still serving your first client? How did you maintain the relationship? Please comment so that we can learn from each other. If you stopped working with your first ever client, share that story, too!


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