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Will Social Media Marketing Work in Myanmar?

I am not quite sure why some people are still asking this question. Being said, here are some facts that might change your mind if you firmly believed that social media marketing would not work in Myanmar yet. More importantly, why you should jump into social media marketing right now without waiting a fraction of second.

1. Internet Population is Rapidly Growing

Last year May, there was only about 800,000 people who are living in Myanmar on Facebook. Last January, it became 1,200,000. This month, current stats show 1,800,000 people from Myanmar are on Facebook. This is 47% of total Facebook population of Singapore. You see? Sure, there would be many duplicated accounts and some dead accounts. But with horrible Internet connection speed in Myanmar, I believe this is quite impressive rate of growing. When Telenor & Ooredoo roll out their SIM cards, the growing rate would be a lot faster. You cannot risk losing such a handy marketing approach, can you?

2. CTR is So High!

Average CTR for Facebook ads (be it sponsored posts or sidebar ads) seem to be not more than 1%. Many sources say it would be around 5% for untapped market. Guess what? We have achieved 25% CTR for some of our clients. Our average is around 10%. Here is some insider tips, majority of Facebook users in Myanmar do not know (yet) if it was an ad (sponsored post) or some posts from pages they like / people they follow. Hence, they are pretty generous with "clicks". Of course, compelling ad copy does play an important role here. But I am not so sure if we could achieve the same a year later which means you should grab this opportunity right now either for your brand awareness or boosting your sale.

3. It is Not Only about Facebook

Trust us. Many people are still clicking email, a lot more than those in other countries. If your service or product is not only for locals but also for expats and foreign investors, you shall not forget Tweets with #Myanmar. Doing B2B? LinkedIn is right there waiting to serve you to reach a broader network. Various LinkedIn groups with interest on Myanmar are pretty active. In addition, you cannot afford to forget blogging and SEO. Try googling "Digital Marketing in Myanmar" or a long that line and you would be able to figure how we landed some clients without much effort on our end.

Are you started putting social media under your to-do list for next marketing activity? If not, tell us why you think it is not worth-doing. We like to politely counter it.

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