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5 Things You Should Know about Myanmar Facebook Community

What would Facebook users be like when it got a splash of local touch? During past two years of serving our clients, we have done several research studying behaviour of Myanmar Facebook users. Here are 5 interesting things among what we have found.

1. They Don't Read Anything English

Okay. Not all of them. But according to our research, at least 80% of them skip reading English text while reading Burmese text that give the exact same message. Some of them can read English pretty well but we guess they just do not want to make any extra effort while they are on Facebook for chilling and relaxing.

2. They Don't Read Burmese Either

I kid you not! You put all information they would need in a nice and sweet paragraph. You mention address, time, price or any other details they would need. Still, you would be bombarded with comments such as "Where is it!?", "When will it be??" or "Can you explain more in details?!?". So point to note, keep calm and reply all comments!

3. They Pay Attention to Details

In other words, never try to cheat them. If you mentioned that you would announce winners of last week quiz on coming Sunday, you must do so. The sky is the limit when it comes to their nagging ability. If you posted something wrong and edited, they would click "edited" , read what you posted earlier and blame you for being inconsistent.

4. They are MEGA Trolls

When Coca-Cola posted about "happiness bottle", they would ask you if they needed to direct another "God must be crazy". When Huawei asked "Did you realize there was an earthquake just now in Yangon?", they would comment"Nope, I didn't because I was busy ironing with Huawei phone" (He was referring to amount of heat he was believed to get from the handset.) So, unless you have a social media specialist with vast industry knowledge and great sense of humour to deal with such comments, you will not be able to win the heart of customers as a brand.

5. Yet, they are SUPER sensitive

Unless you are attempting to gain some PR win via negative comments or heated discussion, you should refrain from posting inappropriate things about religion and culture. The range here to define "inappropriate" might be endless. We should just be mindful of this and always use good judgement whenever we need to post something related to religion, race or that sort of thing. After all, we need to have some localized plans for social media crisis that could happen anytime, don't we? What else do you notice regarding behavior of Facebook users in Myanmar? Share with us in the comment box below!

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